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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 26, 2024 10:00am-11:00am EST

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stuart: this is my favorite song to get the show moving start me up at the great and glorious rolling stones there still performing in the 80s but start me up is a good opener, the 10:00 o'clock hour, good morning it is 10:00 o'clock eastern, straight to the money the dow is now up close to 100 points a very small loss for the nasdaq composite we always like to check nvidia that's the stock of the year so far it is up a little bit more, 789 is up a dollar which is .14% but it is up after last week's huge gains, the ten year treasury around four and a quarter% above four and a quarter, four-point to 6%, bitcoin was 51000 it's 517 as of
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now, we just got it the latest read on new home sales important distinction home sales. >> a surprise drop, the number 661,000 new homes sold seasonally adjusted annual basis in the month of january expecting them to go up the actually went down i mitigate to the median price for january of this year 420,700 that went up by $7000. >> 661,000 new homes sold on annual basis using january numbers, it does not seem that strong particular but there you go it's not had any impact on the market that i can see the homebuilders are on the upside, now this. this is the story of bad judgment insider trading and eventually divorce, tyler loud in our work from home in houston and his wife work from home in their home offices were feet
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apart, he heard his wife discussing a merger between the company she works for, vp in a truck stop company travel centers of america, without telling her he liquidated over $2 million worth of stock and put the money into 46450 shares of travel centers of america, in february last year the merger was announced and travel centers stock went up 70%, tyler made $1.7 million profit, however, the authorities were suspicious and started asking questions, tyler told his wife what he had done. according to court filings she was stunned she did not know anything about it she told her supervisor she was placed on administrative leave and later terminated tyler has agreed to return all of his profit but he still faces a big fine and maybe present time, his wife filed for divorce last summer, this raises the question of risk when working from home there many professionals that have a
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sensitive and valuable information in the confines of an office. post pandemic working from home the spouse and children can more easily access the information, you get a hold of nonpublic information, act on it and you make in illegal profit this is not an argument about no more at homework but the realization the information has to be kept totally under wraps no matter where you are, second hour of "varney" just getting started. ♪. stuart: tomorrow is primary day in michigan and it seems like michigan voters are treated away from president biden ahead of the vote, watch this. >> absolutely not you cannot keep killing people with our money and keep thinking that we are stupid enough to elect you again we will fall in line and
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forget. >> i'm willing to let go with joe biden, punished joe biden by making him a one term president impairing his loss with the genocide in gaza. >> why is having her trump presidency more important to those people's lives, why is our democracy more important than thousands of men, women and children being killed. >> a contentious subject and guy benson is with me to discuss it how much is biden stance on israel affecting his chances in michigan he could be really embarrassed can he. >> he could just to the primary yet rashida tlaib the democratic congresswoman urging her supporters to write in uncommitted or other people i've seen on the balance writing free palestine or free gaza to make a point, we will see how many people actually follow through with that, he will win the primary obviously he's in cabinet but they want to put forward the statement how powerful the statement i guess
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we will find out in much more important when we look ahead to november, do the people were having a conniption fit now come around and vote for him or do they follow through on the threat and as we heard punished the president over a position that they don't like. stuart: i would imagine that some will come around and vote for biden anyway because the alternative at this point voting for trump is probably less acceptable to them then swallowing the pride in voting for biden but he's going to be embarrassed and he demonstrates a very split party. >> definitely on the issue and particularly in michigan with a very large muslim american population the growing terms around like genocide which is absolutely false, there is no genocide in gaza that is a lie and a smear that many people believe it and they chanted and it's on the streets every day and then following the lead as i mention congresswoman to leave voted only to members of the
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house to vote not to allow perpetrators of october 7 of the mass cure to come to the united states and she and corey bush were on that in the systemic rate of hamas of israeli women were rashida tlaib was only member to vote against the resolution and she has a large voice in that party which i think is rather disturbing. stuart: we have this coming at us, i want your reaction, the new york times is reporting president biden will visit the southern border on thursday he will visit brownsville texas and the same day president trump will be there. i don't mean to spring this but that's announce on the new york times, what you make of it. is it an election year joe biden can be bothered to pretend about the border and he's never gone and his entire political career and he was dragged down there
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against his will under political pressure only two years ago he showed up for a few hours they sanitize the whole place, he did not see a single migrant we will see if he has a realistic experience this time but is under pressure on this issue, let's pack them up under air force one ago down there. >> is going to brownsville not eagle pass, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. president biden is in new york city here on the fundraiser, last week president biden was in california but ignored the border crisis at that point. jerry seinfeld this is for you, be rated by protesters in new york city, what was that about. we have the video that featured bari weiss, she founded the free press a vocal supporter of israel and a palestinian protester cursing at jerry seinfeld for being there and accusing him of genocide.
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[shouting] the nypd with a black suv smiled at the protesters and waved. stuart: hunter biden is speaking out about his sobriety what he saying. >> is for a half years sober and he told acxiom's stress will not trigger a relapse in sobriety emboldens him to help his dad beat donald trump, here's the quote, i have something much bigger than even myself at stake were in the middle of a fight for the future of democracy. wednesday he testifies behind closed doors and front of house republicans. he says he's not going to crack or fall back, his dad needs him the country needs and democracy needs him. stuart: thank you very much indeed. let's get back to the markets david wagoner joins us this monday morning. you said everyone is bullish on the magnificent seven, are you against that, do you think the
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tumbling down? what do you think? >> i think that the pain trade if that continues to work right there. my thesis is for the magnificent seven, stocks to continue to work in mentioning jerry seinfeld to other writers of steinfeld, the whole season based on stores to go against his enemies this is the trade that goes against consensus out there in their choosing small caps over large caps and the remainder 493 over the magnificent seven in the magnificent seven those are heavily under owned by hedge funds and heavily under owned internationally and when you look at the stocks fundamentally yet the biggest largest balance sheets out there and they're giving a lot of the capital back to shareholders if you look at free cash flow, 60% of the free cash flow is actually going back into research and development. if you compare that to the other
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493 stocks the amount of money going back into r&d from the mag seven is three times greater then the other 493. stuart: you have no problem getting more into the magnificent seven. you think the merry-go-round has not stopped yet. >> i think the biggest take would be valuation of the magnificent seven. on the weighted average basis, it's only 29 times. when you talk about evaluation you have to mention nvidia the stock is up 55% this year, almost through the present last year when you look at the evaluation of nvidia it's only 31 times forward earnings and when you compare that to the largest competitor amd that 349 times in the semi conductor index in the stocks trading at 41 times, if you look at compared to what i would consider a low-quality stock like intel it's also trading at
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31 times, would you rather own nvidia or insult, every wednesday to take the former over the latter. >> the magnificent seven and nvidia, thank you for being with us on monday morning, important stuff, see you again soon looking at the movers, micron is up 4%. >> is at a new high, a.i. has started volume production of new semiconductors that would be used by invidious a.i. chips these are high-bandwidth memory chips and they expect several hundred millions of dollars of revenue this year end next year coming from them. stuart: li auto, that is that uv stock, chinese crested earnings expectation stock up 15% revenue more than doubled, will know how they did in the month of february they report february sales. if the momentum continues we get that on friday. stuart: what are we going to do with the chinese electric vehicles come to america, they are cheaper, wherever they come from, where we going to do
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barriers to protect detroit, who knows. intuitive machines design the machines that landed on the moon the machine that landed on the moon tipped over and it's on its side and the five of the six are good and there accepted to come this is a stock that jumped 275% this year with most of the gains coming after the first private moon landing since 1972. stuart: 23% down, that's only a little pullback. a mind again the past week. thank you. having a president biden will push top congressional leaders to pass an aid package for ukraine, nancy may says the white house has yet to define our mission there. is it time for peace talks? kt mcfarland deals with that, the prime minister and the palestinian authority has resign what does this mean for the war in gaza, trey yingst has the report on that next.
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stuart: the palestinian authority prime minister has resigned this could open the door to a new form of government in the west bank one that's not affiliated with a single political party, trey yingst in tel aviv, what does this mean for the war in gaza? >> good morning it's a great question is significant development today out of the west bank were palestinian authority prime minister handed his resignation to palestinian president, this move is set to pave the way for a more technocratic government, one
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that would not be affiliated with a single political party there is a link to what's happening on the ground in gaza and plans for control of the strip and palestinian territory israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu reacting to the news on "fox & friends". >> i think that's musical chairs that have not had an election in the authority for 17 years there just shuffling chairs the real thing we want to see is genuine de- radicalization they have to stop teaching their children to become terrorist they have to stop paying terrorist based on the amount of jews that they killed. >> this comes as fighting continues inside of gaza, the israeli military said they killed 30 militants in the last day in northern gaza in area that was cleared by the idf. israeli forces are operating in the south around the city of khan yunis and waiting to see if they'll be told to enter gaza's most southern city of rafah.
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plans were submitted over the weekend to move the civilians up in operation does take place. were following developing news out northern israel were dozens of rockets were reportedly fired from the lebanese militant group hezbollah into this area we understand the israelis are striking back trying to hit the launching positions. stuart: thank you very much indeed, listen to what prime minister benjamin netanyahu said about a potential hostage deal. roll it. >> they have to come down to reality and i think if that is the case we will be able to have a deal, we've already been able to free half the hostages which is a singular achievement but we want the deal if we can have it. it depends on hamas it's really no other decision. i think the ground has been laid in total victory is how you win the peace you could not win the
10:21 am
peace if you don't win the war. stuart: kt mcfarland joins me now, what do you think are weakening a hostage deal in his biden leading on benjamin netanyahu to get peace talks going. >> biden is in a weird position. on the one hand he wants to support israel and is giving them arms and intelligence cooperation. on the other hand he's really worried about the state of michigan because of the anti-israeli pro-palestinian voters in the state of michigan in the primaries coming up so he's trying to thread his way between the two. the problem with letting the hostages out, let's say hostages are released in exchange for israel withdrawing, if you don't take out the remainder in the leadership of hamas it be just like what happened with afghanistan where we got rid of almost all qaeda that we didn't get rid of osama bin laden, he went to pakistan in for 20 years
10:22 am
he fought against the united states and created isis and all the other al-qaeda that occurred. the israelis are looking at hamas insane we have to get rid of the head of the snake we have to defeat have a total victory where this keeps coming back so everybody is caught in a bad place. the problem even if israel has a total victory, what happens afterwards who governs gaza a new governs the west bank of jordan, nobody knows if there were elections held today in gaza and the west bank they were probably held elect hamas. stuart: listen to what nancy mace says about funding for ukraine, will tape. >> the one thing that you did not hear jake sullivan or joe biden say today or ever is defining our mission in ukraine they've yet to define the mission and yet to set the strategy and they've yet to articulate how will we get out of the situation when every
10:23 am
dollar that we have is given to their country and is or is not successful this administration is putting the borders of other nations first rather than our own. stuart: if we don't send the arms that ukraine is asking for the food and when? >> is a problem, is the mission a stalemate in another forever war is a mission israel is a mission that ukraine has total victory and pushes russia completely out and takes back crimea or is the mission that we pull away and let russia win. donald trump has the right idea he says day one and get a say to putin unless you go to the negotiating table i'm going to arm ukraine with offensive weapons then he goes to zelenskyy and unless you go to the negotiating table i'm going to take away your weapons. the only way the war ends is go to the negotiating table get a peace agreement nobody gets everything that they want
10:24 am
everybody gets a little in ukraine goes on to win the peace as the western world comes in and put the trillion dollars into ukraine to rebuild. stuart: is not likely the scenario you outlined, peace talks in the trillion dollar rebuilding is not likely? >> not undivided administration biden administration is encouraging ukraine to hang tough in ukraine's attitude as long as we continue to get the supplies that we need we will pretend that we will somehow get the land back and push russia back to moscow but this is a stalemate world war i trans warfare is a war of attrition who wins the war over attrition the country with a bigger population the country with more money and more staying power, that is russia and all three cases. a lot because russia has the money thanks to biden's energy policies russia is making a lot
10:25 am
of windfall profit on its oil sales kt mcfarland, thank you for being with us. we always appreciate it. still ahead georgia demanding more from answers after the suspect charged with murdering a nursing student is confirmed to be an illegal migrant with a criminal past. alexis mcadams has the full story. james clyburn says gop stands for groupies of putin, tennessee senator marsha blackburn is here in the studio walking towards the set as we speak i want to know what she's going to say about clyburn's remarks. welcome to the show, we'll be right back. ♪ trading at schwab is now powered by ameritrade, giving traders even more ways to sharpen their skills
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(♪) (♪) (♪) (♪) >> a little bit of green on wall street nasdaq at 33 points. lauren is looking at the movers i wouldn't know about palo alto it is up today. >> remover the selloff after the earnings report down 23% because the billings were disappointing. i guess that was overdone the stock is at 300 6.5% gains reaffirming their positive rating on the cybersecurity n
10:30 am
name. however, they adjusted their price target down they go from 40325. stuart: would turn up last week, down today. >> four and half percent, hsbc cuts them to the equivalent of a cell there skeptical of the personalized cancer vaccines after the rsv vaccine research said maybe it's not as effective as some of the competitors. stuart: tesla one of the mag seven stocks but way down this year. >> is down 22% but fortunately the ev makers are largely higher, tesla is up 3% in their showing optimists that is the robot that can fold shirts into a whole bunch of things. it can also walk like a human around the lab, that is the latest update. stuart: cannot put the laundry in the washing machine taken out, put in the dryer ticket out of the dryer and folded and put it in the drawer. >> in the drawer is what i'm waiting for.
10:31 am
i hate laundry and it cannot do that yet. working to change the subject were learning more about the venezuelan migrant accused of killing a student at the university of georgia alexis mcadams has been looking into the story what did you find out. >> we now know the venezuelan migrant who is accused of murdering the student who is out for a run near campus had been arrested before he was busted on child endangerment charges in new york city last year and the sanctuary city before ice could get a retainer on this guy he was back out on the street take a live look or take a look at his mugshots this is the latest mugshots into our newsroom of the suspect who were talking about. we know that josé antonio barat kasten in september 22 the 26-year-old was released into the u.s. on parole that means the migrant get a court date in their let free, the court date can be month or years down the
10:32 am
road they never know if or when they're going to show up. now the migrant facing murder charges accused of killing the innocent university of georgia student 22-year-old laken riley went out for a run and never came back home, darrell issa telling fox news that president biden has to secure the border now and not focus on a failed border bill. >> the young woman would be alive today if not for this president's policies and there are many others who would be alive many who would not have been criminalized. i would be pro-immigration i served on the committee of jurisdiction and offer the legislation but the fact is we cannot have legislation without a secure border, this president can reverse it today, he did it he can undo it and he does not need more laws. >> again today migrants crossing in the video from over the weekend in eagle pass shows two women swimming across the rio grande in a large group of men women and kids which is
10:33 am
different than some of the cases showed up in maverick county a short drive away from where i am and they were processed by border patrol, we want to take a live look on the fox news drone you can see behind me the razor wire in eagle pass texas and above the fencing, the razor wire in the texas national guard those are put in place by the texas governor greg abbott he says that stopping the search. one more thing that we confirm from fox news and fox business president trump will deliver remarks in eagle pass texas in the coming days and hours learning president joe biden will be coming to the southern border. stuart: thank you very much indeed look who's in new york city of all places senator marsha blackburn republican senator from the great state of tennessee, let's get serious. the alleged killer is an illegal migrant from venezuela it seems that biden's deal with venezuela has broken down we were supposed to get free elections there and return for taking 800,000 venezuela's and dirty oil that's broken down and we have a terrible situation on their
10:34 am
hands. >> on top of that, knowing that he came through eagle pass illegally in 22 and that he was arrested and they did not deport him, they did not hold him long enough for eyes to get the detainer on him because new york city is the sanctuary city, new york state is a sanctuary state and sometimes the century entities do not work with ice so that is a big part of the problem is why we continue to say we have to secure our border first, when you have 300,000 people coming across in the month of december, when young people from countries of interest in known terrorist that are coming across, this is an issue that is number one with the american people, it is certainly number one with
10:35 am
tennessee and they wanted solved. stuart: you become a border state. >> every state is a border state every town is a border town and law enforcement tennessee say we cannot deal with fentanyl in the human trafficking in the sex trafficking in the gangs in the crime until the southern border is secure. it is time to protect the american people. stuart: president biden is going to the southern border he's going to brownsville on thursday and meet border patrol agents on law-enforcement. maybe they are cleaning it all up in the go to a sanitize bo board. >> they should go to eagle pass i've been to eagle pass several times he should go down into the county in arizona and he should look at what's happening there. he should go out on patrol with the border patrol like i have done in many of my colleagues have done because you will see where they're coming across, you will hear the interviews. stuart: senator you know he's
10:36 am
going to go to the border and say the republicans would not pass the legislation. >> you go to the border and go to the wrong address. stuart: something else i would like you to deal with, james clyburn has a new nickname for republicans, watch this. >> i think the america people are beginning to see that the speaker is a part of what i call groupies of putin that's what gop stands for now, groupies of putin and they are doing putin's business on the behalf of the former president and not to me the american people will see through the. stuart: groupies of putin the new nickname for republicans, you are a republican, what is your response. >> gop stands for great opportunity party and that's what we want to do open doors of opportunity that's what donald trump did and that's what donald
10:37 am
trump will do again and what he needs to realize is joe biden could have come in and put sanctions on putin before he went into ukraine. joe biden could've said russia you are not going to team up with iran and get the billions of dollars but joe biden chose to go soft and to be weak, that is the message i would send across to my democratic colleagues. stuart: senator marsha blackburn thank you for being here in new york city. you see what's happening to the city when you walk outside. stuart: the house china committee sent a letter to elon musk, ashley, china, elon musk, what is this all about. >> i'll try to put it together, the committee is demanding more from that u.s. troops stationed in taiwan get access to spacex star shield that the satellite communication designed
10:38 am
specifically for the military, the committee says is star shield is not made available spacex could be in violation of the contract which requires global access to their technology, spacex was awarded a one-year contract for star shield last september after commissioning the star link network if you remember for ukraine's war against russia. elon musk has upset taiwanese officials last year when he stated the island is an essential part of china at least according to beijing, the committee is asking elon musk to provide the panel with the briefing on the taiwan operations by march 8. stuart: thank you very much, then by researching in the northeast doctor marc siegel will tell us how to avoid the very contagious bug. he's going to appear on the next hour. ronna mcdaniel stepping down of the national committee in the middle of an election year mark meredith has all the details of the unusual move, mark is next.
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stuart: this is the most important stock of the day in the month and probably possibly the year nvidia we keep on looking out all the time, right now $795 per share it is up $7 from the close on friday that is up almost one percentage point we will keep an eye threat to show, ronna mcdaniel will step down as the chair of the republican national committee next friday that is after super tuesday, mark meredith with us do we know who is going to replace. >> we know who would like to replace the weather that comes
10:44 am
to reality will have to wait a few more days, ronna mcdaniel says shall be the rnc within a matter of days but the departure is sparking new questions about the parties direction right in the middle of a presidential election, mcdaniel has been the rnc chair since 2070 she's the knees of mitt romney and a longtime supporter of donald trump. in a statement mcdaniel writes i decided to step aside at the spring-training on march 8 in houston to allow our nominee to select the chair of their choosing they haven't strictly undergone change once we have a nominee and it's always been my intention to honor the trad tradition. while donald trump elevated mcdaniel to overall seven years ago he ascends soured on her performance and what some see the rnc lackluster fundraising efforts. trump has already said who he would like to see run the rnc he is backing michael watley the rnc leader out of north carolina as well as trump's daughter-in-law lara trump we heard from former speaker kevin
10:45 am
mccarthy who also appeared to back trump's personal pics. >> i like the president is supporting to come in, i know his abilities and i like lara trump being able to come in as well this is retooling rebuilding and beginning the election that would have a november beginning what we need right now. >> the rnc co-chair is going to step down from his role in giving mcdaniel's departure is possible other staffers could lead the rnc. a lot of changes happening in this election year. stuart: right in the middle of it, donald trump spoke at cpac this weekend he said the november election will be a day of reckoning for his political opponents. it sounds like retribution, what else did he have to say? >> he had plenty to say as you can imagine he declared himself a proud political dissident and said the stakes could not be higher this upcoming election day, watch this. >> a boat for trump your ticket back to freedom in your passport out of tierney and your only
10:46 am
escape from joe biden and his gangs fast track to hell. in many ways were living in hell right now. because the fact is joe biden is a threat to democracy. he really is a threat to democracy. i stand before you today not only as your past and hopefully future president. but as a proud political dissident. i am dissident. >> dissident, trump went on to say in 2016 he was the conservatives voice, he said this time around i am your warrior i am your justice and for those of you that a been wrong and betrayed i am your retribution. he also added our country is being destroyed and the only thing standing between you and its obliteration is me. quite the turn of phrase. stuart: he always did have by the way, thank you. here's what's coming up.
10:47 am
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it's happening. get started for $49 a month. plus, ask how to get up to a $800 prepaid card with a qualifying gig bundle. don't wait, call today! ♪ ♪. stuart: the mainstream media raising concerns about trump's appeal to black voters they don't want him appealing to black voters, what exactly are they saying? >> a panel of msnbc commentators accused trump of using racial stereotypes to try to appeal to black voters, this comes after the former president launched a line of trump branded speakers in the panel marked in a black voters who may support him, listen to this. >> you have to understand this is a room a very unique black folk is a bunch of bad lineups and members on the jacket, that's what were dealing with.
10:52 am
i'm not surprised that these people except that these are the same people that listen to killer mike and listen to idiots on podcast and the large number of black folks who listen to joe rogan those people are out there unless concerned with anybody who's okay with the racism that i am with the people who are disconnected from a process that they're not worried about his racism those people are more of a concern. stuart: what do i get out of that if you are black you're not allowed to have your own opinion unless it's deadline is what the panel believes in the good people of msnbc, "the bottom line" who is the racist here. stuart: i would like to see or hear a concrete example of what donald trump is clearly a racist. i would like to see an example i'm sure he could come up with things but i want to see a direct example if i have it here. stuart: thank you very much indeed let's get back to money. it is monday morning and
10:53 am
everyone wants to see how the money is performing at the start of the week the dow is up 27-point that is up .07% and the nasdaq is up point to 1% of 16000 plus. nvidia inching closer to $800 u.s. 795, what you have to say on that. >> the high as 806 and nvidia is targeting another industry the telecom industry they have a partnership with service now that is workflow management. a.i. comes into telecom. stuart: 806 is the highest closing price for nvidia but i solid 821, 822 that is intraday. >> 82394 is the intraday high the closing is 80646. >> i get the impression that somebody people are waiting for to come down and then jump in. so if it doesn't come down. what's a little bit 795 if you look at a price target. >> it was 788 the close on
10:54 am
friday people bought it at that level. >> you remember the close on friday, that is good because you are considering buying. >> i know i'm getting old and losing my memory but i remember numbers on closing prices like nvidia. let's talk about bitcoin this morning 51 in change, it's going up 527, any story there. >> no story for bitcoin specifically as a rising tide good feeling euphoric market, risk appetite is on a like to say. >> that the wall street expression they always love to say that. check the magnificent seven, let's see where they are today, some of them are down summer up, microsoft is down, meta down, alphabet down, tesla moving close to $200 a share. look at apple 181 and amazon because today is the first day as the dow industrial stock that helps to some degree it is up a
10:55 am
quarter% of 175 the ten year treasury yield let me see that, rising above four and a quarter percent but it is up four-point to 7% but the ten year treasury yield has not had the influence on the market as it did a month ago it settled down. >> the story is earnings is not the fed as much earnings driving momentum. >> nvidia driving everybody else. as is exciting that's however, member the closing price. coming up steve forbes on trump bowing reciprocal progress on rival countries on china if he wins a second term, what is the think about that kansas senator roger marshall on what actions biden could take a probably won't to secure our southern border, doctor marc siegel on a growing number of people suffering from brain fog, myself included the 11:00 o'clock hour is next.
10:56 am
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>> this is trump's party and trump's issues and won by 20 point-blank layupses in south carolina, her home state. can't tell me that's a party on the brink. >> nvidia was the key to it, now it's gotten to a point where it's the only thing people want to buy, it's the only thing people want to talk about. >> there's a lot that we can do. it's just that biden doesn't have the fortitude to do what's necessary. >> covid really changes the way people work and i'm really worried about how those huge losses and commercial real estate are going to affect the banks. >> dot people that are having something of a fit now or come around and do something they don't like


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